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Deer Valley Football Shoe Drive


We are excited to announce the launch of our Deer Valley Football Shoe Drive! All we need from you is a donation of those hardly worn or out grown shoes! The shoe drive will run for the entire month of June and has the potential to earn the DVHS Football Program over $4,000!

Funds raised for the DVHS football program are just the first ripple of benefits: Items in good condition are exported to developing nations meeting the demand for quality shoes at a low cost; waste is deferred from landfills; and numerous employment opportunities are created both in the U.S., and abroad.

On Friday, June 29th, a container will be delivered to Deer Valley High School and placed in the parking lot just behind the football stands. It will get picked up on Monday, July 2nd. Volunteers will be onsite throughout the weekend to help load your shoes or bags of shoes. We’ll send the exact windows of time as we get a little closer. If you plan to be out of town that weekend or can’t deliver your donations for any reason, we’re happy to pick them up for you!

A few items to keep in mind as you clean out those closets:

We can accept all types of shoes; women’s shoes, children’s shoes, athletic shoes, men’s shoes, soccer cleats, rain boots, etc.

Shoes MUST be mated. Pair shoes with rubber bands, or tied laces. No tape please.

All paired shoes must be gently used or new and in clean ‘usable condition’. No holes, rips, tears, and good soles. We can’t accept wet, soiled, mud run or shoes with metal spikes.

If you plan to donate more than 25 pairs, please bag shoes in heavy lawn and leaf plastic bags (i.e., 39 gallon Hefty Bag). 25 pairs per bag is recommended.

Tips for Success:
Please share this post and get the word out!
Start a Facebook Event and invite your family and friends to donate their shoes!
We need all the help we can get!

Feel free to call or text Shauna Bradley-Ochoa at (602) 717-6287 with any questions or requests! Again, we’re happy to pick up your donations from you, bagged or not!

Thanks everyone and looking forward to a successful shoe drive!

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